Fixing DockerHub Throttling in AWS with ECR and Terraform

Having issues with DockerHub throttling in AWS? In late 2020, Docker Hub announced that the Hub service would begin limiting the rate at which images can be pulled under their anonymous and free plans.

The AWS recommendation for those not wishing to upgrade to a paid plan is to mirror the Dockerhub image to their own AWS ECR repository.

This simple task requires a basic ‘pull from Dockerhub-push to ECR’ loop for which there exists no simple bootstrapping solution. The typical use case is a new ECR repository that would look to use a Dockerhub image as its ‘base’ image which can then be used in subsequent builds without the pull limits.

We’ve written a quick and simple Terraform module that will do this for you

Get it here:

Hope this helps you fix the DockerHub throttling in AWS bugbear.


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